Headsticks – Lies Lies Lies EP

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4 track EP on 10″ red vinyl
Lead track “Big Game Hunter” features the legendary voice of CRASS: Steve Ignorant. Included with the vinyl is a code to download a digital version of the EP, lyrics card, stickers, and post cards.

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Formed in 2012 Headsticks have created their very own brand of Revolutionary Punk Roots Rock’n’Roll. They have the¬†ability to cross genres and appeal to audiences with their enthusiasm and passion infused performances built on their very own message of honesty and integrity, delivering raw social commentaries with a wry sense of humour ensuring an uplifting experience second to none!

Track listing:

Big Game Hunter / Dying For A Lie / Soaps & Costume Dramas / You’re Killing Me America

Recorded and mixed by Tom Carter at Riff Factory. Mastered by Al Scott

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